Trip to Berlin- Initial Thoughts

The 10 days that I recently spent in Berlin were an amazing mix of many great things: art, food, architecture and people. A particular highlight was the Ars Electronica exhibition, in which 14 international artists presented work that dealt with the topic of encounters. So many of the pieces were thought-provoking, but the "Body Paint" work by Exonemo of Japan, and "The Wall of Gazes" series by Mariano Sardón in collaboration with Mariano Sigman from Argentina were especially riveting. Both of those series compelled me to stand in front of them for long periods of time, asking me to ponder what they were saying about identity. Amazing work, both conceptually and technically.

But I also enjoyed Berlin for the odd things that I saw there- moments of visual serendipity that went against the grain of the self-contained nature of the city. Here are some of them: