Tears of Stone: World War I Remembered

Technical Specifications

All images in this ready-to-hang traveling exhibition were made from drum-scanned black & white film negatives recorded with Noblex Pro 6/120 U and Pinoramic 120 medium format cameras. The image files were retouched in Photoshop and digitally printed with Epson printers using Piezography BW software and inks on Hahnemühle William Turner paper.

The prints are window-matted on archival conservation board. They are framed in dark gray metal sectional frames and covered with standard plexiglass. All have hanging wire attached to the back of the frame. Up to 20 prints are available in three framed sizes: 20" x 24" (50cm x 60cm), 24” x 38” (60cm x 96cm), and 36” x 60” (91cm x 154cm).

The nature and size of the exhibition space determines the number and size of photographs shown. The artist is happy to work with venues that have space constraints. Click here to view the individual images.

Installation view of  Tears of Stone: World War I Remembered  at the Dayton Art Institute
DSC_2708 V1.jpg

Notes on the Exhibition

This traveling exhibition is a conceptual installation that allows viewers to participate in the process of remembrance. A strip of wood molding is affixed to the wall beneath the photographs. Cards showing pages from World War I cemetery visitors books are placed on pedestals or in document holders provided by the gallery. Viewers are asked to write down their thoughts or observations on the reverse side of these cards and place them at any location on the molding. The exhibition thus takes on the character of a memorial as the molding fills with cards.

Accompanying the exhibition is a book available in both hardbound and softcover versions. Click here for more information about the book.

Related Educational Programming

Artist Jane Alden Stevens welcomes the opportunity to discuss her work and the ideas and concepts she explores with the community at each participating venue. As a teacher and an engaging public speaker, she is well-practiced in talking with audiences of all ages and backgrounds about her artistic practice, the subjects she examines, and techniques. School classes, veterans groups and families of veterans have been particularly responsive to this work.

Discussion topics can include the lingering effects of historical events on a populace, the nature of memory and memorialization, the interaction between photographs and memory, digital and traditional technical approaches, and the creative process from initial research through presentation.

The artist speaking at the Dayton Art Institute

The artist speaking at the Dayton Art Institute

Gallery Talks
Gallery talks can be given formally in a lecture-followed-by-Q&A format, or informally, with the artist inviting the audience to ask questions in order to foster a dialogue among all present. The latter approach has proven to be particularly effective with K-12 and college student groups.

Lectures at universities, K-12 schools, historical groups, community centers, and other public or private venues can be tailored to those interested in sociology, psychology, history, fine arts, photography, and the liberal arts. The artist will accommodate time for Q&A during or following the presentation.

Availability & Scheduling
This exhibition is currently available through December 2022.

To discuss scheduling the show and related educational programming in your community contact the artist directly.

Email: janealdenstevens@gmail.com